Al-Ula Adventures
Al-Ula Adventures

Matt Peterson: VFX and Visual Dev
Joshua Watts: Technical Artist - Terrain setup
Joseph Burgan : Environment Art - Background rocks
Steve Sickels: Environment Art - Old town, town scene

Al-Ula Adventures is an arcade like education experience. The game itself is ran in Unity on the Valve Index inside a custom built VR Pod with fans and floor rumble pad built in to create a truly unique experience. The project is a remake/re imagining of a massive real life location in Saudi Arabia. I worked closely with a very small team and wore many hats for the project. I was in charge of modeling/sculpting/texturing hero objects, scene/world building, lighting, shaders, and VFX. The project came with many challenges from working in a new rendering pipeline, working on new unseen hardware, and recreating a massive real world environment for VR. I was leaned on heavily for ensuring lighting, building almost all VFX, and creating custom shaders.

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