Bespoke & Productions

Cameron Hughes offers one of a kind creations for events, film, television and live performance productions. We are based out of New York City.

  • Blossom Dress

    This dress was created using 14 dual axis servos that enable each individual petal of the dress to move in multiple ways to create a dynamic moving skirt.

  • Receipt Printer Dress

    36 thermal printers come together to create a one of a kind look for season 2 of next in fashion hosted by Gigi Hadid and Tan France.

  • Breathe of Feathers Dress

    This dress is made from dozens of nano servos that move each individual feather in an up and down motion creating a motion that make the dress to appear to breath.

Charli XCX "Used to Know Me" Music Video

A robotic show girl piece was made custom for Charli XCX.

Doja Cat for Super Bowl LVI Taco Bell AD

3D printed motorized spinning flower bra made in collaboration with Chris Habana

Bosco for Rupaul's Drag Race Finale

Servo head piece made with ostrich feather for the season finale of drag race season 14.


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